Skil 10 Inch Swing Bench Top Woodworking Drill Press

I titled this article Skil 10″ woodworking drill press but it also can be used with metal working. I have been using this drill press for over a month now and find it to be an accurate and useful tool to work with. It was purchased on Amazon and received within 4 days of purchase and the ordering/shipping process was flawless. The shipping weight was approximately 57 lbs. and packed safely. All of the parts were accurately machined and went together quickly. I did have one problem though. The handle which is attached to the table height adjustment was missing the set screw needed to hold the crank handle to the shaft. I called Skill about it and they sent me one. No big deal. I will go through some of the features of the machine below and mention any modifications I added.

This pic shows the drill press all set up. It is a very smooth running machine and doesn’t move while using it so at this point I didn’t bother to bolt it down in case I have to move it. It is sitting atop an inexpensive Harbor Freight tool stand which works for me. One thing I did was to thoroughly grease the rack and pinion mechanism as I found originally it was only greased lightly. I found the table to be dead on as far as being level and didn’t need any adjustment to be 90 degrees to a drill.

The machine is equipped with a laser guide and here I show a drilled 5/64″ hole with the laser turned on. It’s okay but for me I will be spotting for a hole without using it. It might come in handy for quick hole alignment if extreme accuracy isn’t needed. They include two batteries for it to function. It has it’s own on/off switch and is independent of the main power switch.

Here you can see the switch mechanism for the laser. To remove the batteries the center section just pops off by squeezing a lever below the switch box. You can also see one of the motor adjustments. There are two… one on each side of the motor mount. I didn’t find that to change speeds you need to mess with those. Over time you probably will have to adjust the motor position for proper belt tension.

Changing speeds is pretty simple. Just pop off the belt by rotating the pulley and pushing the belt up or down. The drill press speeds are five: 570, 900, 1390, 2050, 3050 RPM. It would have been nice to have one lower speed, say 300, for metal drilling or spinning a large diameter bit like a circle cutter. It would be possible to add a larger pulley and change the belt size but might prove to be not worth the effort. One thing I added was a small ceramic magnet to hold the two allen wrenches they include with the drill press. You can see them attached to the pulley cover just in front of the motor. In the center you can see a convenient holder for the chuck key.

The depth gauge type Skil installed on this drill press is really nice. Simple to adjust and very positive locking. My other drill press had the screw shaft type for adjusting a depth stop but this is much easier to use and more accurate.

In this pic you can see the table angle adjustment guide. I don’t know how accurate the ruler is as I found the table to be dead on at 90 degrees to a drill. If I was to change the angle I most likely would use a triangle or metal working protractor to set an angle. To adjust the angle all you have to do is loosen a bolt that is just under the table and move the table to the desired angle and re-tighten.

Finally, the specifications for the Skil 10″ drill press is:

Swing: 10″
Voltage: 120 V, 60 Hz
Amperage : 3.2 A
Drilling capacity: 2 3/8″
Chuck capacity 1/16″-1/2″ (1.5-13 mm
Chuck: JT33
Speeds: 5 (570, 900, 1390, 2050, 3050)
Table size 7 5/8″ x 7 5/8″

Overall the Skil 10″ drill press is a great machine. I found it solidly built. Any plastic parts used are tough, high impact dense plastic. If I had to buy all over again this drill press would be the one I would choose.


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