An Essential Benchtop Woodworking Tool – The DeWalt DW384 Circular Saw

Although there are woodworkers who choose not to use power tools but I believe that a circular saw, at a minimum, is a great addition to a woodworker’s tool collection if you choose to use powered equipment.  My DeWalt circular saw doesn’t get a lot of use but it is especially useful when cutting sheets of plywood and the DeWalt DW384 circular saw is sure up to the task. It’s a solid machine that I know will last a long time, in fact I have used it for many projects spanning a half a dozen years or so.

If you have been struggling with an underpowered saw you will jump with joy using this saw’s 15 amp power, especially using a thin kerf blade, it cuts 2x wood effortlessly.

Alright, you can imagine I love this saw and now I’ll tell you some reasons why:

  1. The saw blade can be aligned to the base edge latterly for perfect cuts without binding.
  2. All adjustments are positive with no play (no slop anywhere).
  3. Base plate  is nicely made, solid and accurate.
  4. Incredible power makes cutting wood a pleasurable experience.
  5. Saw blade has a brake that stops the blade quickly after the cut.
  6. A heavy machine for a circular saw with a solid feel overall.

Ahh, this saw is the Cadillac of a benchtop circular saw tool in my estimation. One thing to mention though is if you want table saw accuracy you still have to pay attention to aligning the saw properly (horizontally and vertically).

DeWalt DW384 Circular Saw

Like I said previously all of the adjustments are positive, although I rarely change the angle of the blade because I mainly use the saw to re-dimension ply panels with a 90 degree cut.

DeWalt DW384 Circular Saw
Shot of the rear of the saw. One thing you should pay attention to when using a circular saw is how the electrical chord is “draped” along the cutting direction. Ideally you want the chord always to be to the rear of the cutting direction and have it positioned so it won’t get caught on any edge. You don’t want to catch an edge with the cord pulling the saw in an unacceptable direction.

DeWalt DW384 Circular Saw
Here is the bottom plate of the saw showing wear (or lack of it) after years of use… still smooth. Love this saw, and if you find one for sale at a good price, and it’s in good condition, grab it, you won’t be disappointed.

The DeWalt DW384 has been upgraded from the saw in this writeup. I’ve looked at the upgraded saw which is the DeWalt DWE575 and it can only be superior to the  DW384 that I have (great reviews). If my saw ever needs replacement (highly unlikely) I’d certainly would go for the upgrade.

If you are looking for a circular saw that will provide you with the features that are outstanding, the DeWalt DWE575 Circular Saw is what you are looking for, check it out here:

DEWALT DWE575 7-1/4-Inch Lightweight Circular Saw



3 thoughts on “An Essential Benchtop Woodworking Tool – The DeWalt DW384 Circular Saw

  1. Dan

    Good review. On my budget and for my needs I got the Dewalt 18V cordless circular saw. After seeing your review I wish they had incorporated more of corded design into the cordless. I am sure they had their reasons but I like the depth knob and gauge where they have it on the corded. I began my tool collection with the Dewalt 18V cordless drill and so that started my decision on the circular saw. But don’t anyone be fooled. The corded saw has more power and so there is a trade off.

    • Robert Tutsky

      Hi Dan. In the past I only had one cordless tool, a 3/8″ drill and found it useful but within a short period of time the battery became an issue as it wouldn’t hold a charge that lasted long enough. From that point I realized either contend with a cord or the battery charging thing and the cord won out. That was a while ago and I suppose the batteries these days are superior to what I had but I still will keep buying the corded tools. BTW you can’t go wrong with DeWalt tools.

  2. Very easy to use, lightweight and accurate. One hundred times better than my old Skil saw. It really is worth paying a little bit extra for a quality product.

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