New Life For Old Band Saw Blades-A Bench Top Rasp

All band saw blades eventually break, sometimes from the factory weld or a weak area of the blade. I’ll silver solder the blade back into it’s continuous loop again for another round of wood cutting. A couple of reattaching the broken blade is it, after that the blade is not long enough to fit the saw after repairing.

I have cut up blades and reground the steel into other useful tools like scrapers or knives. Making a rasp is another tool that can be made from an old blade. The blade is cut up into equal lengths, then the sections are sandwiched together.

The basic parts to the rasp. A couple of scrap cut offs for handles and the equal blade sections. This blade happens to be 1/4″ x 6tpi. The sections are staggered where the teeth alternate left and right. The rasp will then cut on the push and pull stroke. If the teeth are lined up all pointing the same direction the rasp will work similar to commercially made rasps. The handles are drilled with an appropriate sized drill and hammered onto the ends.

This rasp setup is quite aggressive. Only a few strokes begin to remove material quickly in this hardwood. As shown there are two handles but one end could be drilled through and held together with a pin hammered into place like a rivet, then only one handle could be used.

I’m now looking forward to a blade that has more tpi for a rasp with a more smoother cut. I’m interested in what you use your old band saw blades for… Let me know in a comment below.