Bench Top Woodworking Sanding Block

Sanding a wood project with a powered orbital sander is certainly an option for surface finishing a project or a belt sander for removing stock quickly but there are times when a sanding block just works the best. You have more control on keeping the surface flat and easily changing sanding grit paper is a plus.

I have come up with a bench top version of a sanding block that I call the Locking Sanding Block. I say “locking” because the way it’s designed the sandpaper is locked into position and won’t come loose, it stays taught even after a long period of sanding.

It is built using baltic birch and walnut. The size of the block takes advantage of a 9″ x 12″ sheet of sandpaper with three strips of approximately 3″ W x 7″ L of sanding surface. Even though it’s simply a rectangle block it feels comfortable in your hand during a sanding session.

Sanding block showing locking pins installed into the upper block half.

Showing all of the parts of the Locking Sanding Block you can see how simple it would be to change different sandpaper grits or replace a worn sandpaper with a fresh one.

The first group of sanding blocks I made showing different grits installed.

There are detailed dimensional plans available for only $1.99 on how to build one of these Locking Sanding Blocks in the sidebar of this site, just click on it to get the detailed plan. Once you build one or more of these sanding blocks you will have a more favorable perspective on sanding your project.



2 thoughts on “Bench Top Woodworking Sanding Block

  1. keith henline

    i have paid the 1.99 but it won’t let me download. sends me to the pay screen. tried to resubmit and it tell me i have paid.

    how do i down load this

    • Robert Tutsky

      Sorry about that Keith. I have to look into that. Meanwhile I sent you the plan via your email.

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