Shop Built Band Saw Feather Board Build Fits The Craftsman And Rikon 10″ Band Saws

If you own the Craftsman Band Saw, here is a jig I believe you’ll find useful anytime making straight line cuts in wood. Easily built in an afternoon, mounts onto the band saw table and quickly ajustable for different widths of stock.

This is the second version of the jig I designed and built. This one was redesined with a detailed dimensional plan drawn up available. Built from dimensional stock (I used poplar) and 1/4″ x 20tpi threaded rod and nuts which can be found locally. A few strips of leather or cork is used on the underside of the table clamps prevent any slippage of the jig.


Here is what all the parts look like cut, ready to clean up, sand, then glue up.


The lower clamps have either leather or cork glued and trimmed and drilled.


The clamps are drilled, then 1/8″ steel or brass pin inserted and glued in place. The pins will prevent the threaded rod from turning or pulling out.


Save the wedge after cutting the angled end of the “feather” strip mounting bar. The wedge will help in clamping the strip while gluing.

The feather strip is cut long enough to overlap the bar and is cut off after glue up has cured.


The knobs are cut into octagonal shape. Using a 27/64″ drill, a hole is drilled to the depth of the nuts thickness. Then a 9/32″ hole drilled through the knob for the treaded shaft to pass through.


I found that lightly tapping the nut into the hole drilled in the knob indicated the nuts profile to chisel out the octoganal shape. I found there wasn’t a need to glue the nut, friction held it in place nicely.


The band saw featherboard is mounted on the Craftsman 10″ band saw. It secures onto the table easily and securly with a light tightening of the knobs. It has a little bit of play latterly if need be.


This featherboard for the Craftsman 10″ Band Saw is the second one I have built. This one is redesigned from the first one and works a bit smoother than the first one. Since I don’t need two of them (original featherbord is shown here) I am willing to sell this one for $1.00 plus shipping to your door. If anyone is interested just send me an email at rtutsky @ gmail . com (without the spaces). Put “I Want The Featherboard” in the subject line and I will get right back to you to work out the details.

Update: The finished Featherboard that was for sale
has been sold. Thanks Paul!

Plans for the band saw featherboard will be available very soon.

Here is a short video of the featherboard in use…

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